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Customer Service – It’s Everyone’s Job – Your product can only get so good; your price can only go so low.  So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition?  Customer service! it is the only thing that you can actually keep improving.  Moreover it’s a low or no cost solution.  The session will focus on identifying best practices, handling objections and apply a working customer service model to your business.  Who should take this course?  Receptionists, shipping clerks, trucks drivers, supervisors… EVERYONE.  This is a half day interactive session designed for 6 to 60
Getting Organized – It’s OK to Throw Something OutIt’s an organized mess, It’s cluttered but I know where everything is, If I cleaned up I wouldn’t be able to find anything… sound familiar? This session is perfect for the “pack-rat”. It is ideal for groups of 6 – 12, and can be expanded from a half day to a full day.  Think of the show Clean Sweep, but we will customize it to you, your business, your computer files or your calendar.  We will discuss methods to get and stay organized.
Computer SkillsIf you never touched a computer or have used a computer for ten years we can teach you something.  Focusing on software primarily, but not excluded to, the Microsoft Office Suite.  Courses will be tailored to specific corporate needs, targeting one piece of software at a time.  Duration can run from a half day introduction to a three day complete emersion.   Attendees will learn job specific functions that will make them more efficient computer users. 
Selling ProficiencyThis session covers the basic parameters and processes of selling.  It is as much for the seasoned professional as well as the novice.  This is the nuts and bolts of selling, the things that made the professional successful in the first place.  The session runs 2 – 3 days with opportunities for quarterly follow up.  Some of the topics covered are: prospecting, cold calling, features and benefits, handling objections, closes opportunity and funnel management.  Sales people both inside and out will find how to continually look for areas to improve.
Hiring Process The cost of bad hire goes beyond money; it could affect productivity and moral.  This one day session is best with 12 – 18 people.  It gives new and existing managers the tools to make informed hiring decisions.  We will discuss: questioning techniques, matching competencies, salary negotiations, on-boarding and the critical first 30 days.  
Food PreparationThis course is an introduction to a commercial kitchen.  It is specifically designed for anyone in or entering the food service field, including food sales people.  During this week long course you will learn: how different kitchens operate, knife handling skills, basic food preparation, sanitation practices, kitchen etiquette, plate presentation and food costing.  The ideal class size is 6 – 10.
Waitstaff trainingThis course is an introduction to restaurant table service.  It is specifically designed for anyone in or entering the food service field that want to understand how servers impact a restaurants business.  Topics discussed: the actual work of table service, different types of restaurants, different types of table service, selling the sizzle, increasing the check average, ways to improve your tip.  
Negotiating SkillsWho are the best negotiators in the world?.. KIDS.  Why?  Because they do not concern themselves with what it is proper to ask for and what is not.  Learn how to be more like a kid when you negotiate.  The old saying still holds true; if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  This half day session is a primer for negotiations.  It is designed for anyone who wants to hone their skills: sales people, purchasing agents, customer service representatives and supervisors.  We will discuss techniques to prepare you better to enter a negotiation of any type.  Class size 6 – 60.
Presentation SkillsPlease Don’t Picture Everyone NakedDo you have to speak in public or make corporate presentations?  This one day session will help you better prepare for both planned and impromptu events.  Topics include: breathing, body language, using visuals, involving the audience, getting your message across and following up.  Ideal class will be between 6 – 12 people from different backgrounds and even different companies.
Time and Territory Management - This half-day session is geared toward sales people, but anyone who wants to be more productive can benefit from the course.  The time management concepts that Stephen Covey created is where we start.  We then go into managing a sales territory and then tie both together.  We discuss the need to prioritize opportunities and then organize the related tasks.  Not forgetting to schedule in administrative work and phone calls.  Also we explore the categories of time use:
    Important and Urgent
    Important but not Urgent
    Urgent but not Important
    Not Important, Not Urgent
    Wasted Time
Finally we show how to work in the Important but not YET Urgent area as much as possible.
ServSafe Essentials - State approved food handler certification through regularly scheduled classes and also through private on-premise certification classes. This eight hour course is designed for food service workers and includes the text book and exam.  Anyone looking to pass the ServSafe exam should take this class prior to testing.  The course covers The Fifth Edition of the ServSafe Essentials book.  It is scheduled as two, half-day classroom sessions, to allow study time.  The test is given during the second session. This course is taught in English, although the exam is available in several languages including Spanish. 
*Please give us eight weeks notice if you need a test in another language. 
About Bob
Currently, I run my own consulting business, focusing on corporate training and development.  I have been a professional sales trainer for ten years, during which time: I have facilitated sessions, designed courses and developed training manuals.  My areas of training expertise include: selling proficiency, computer skills, customer service, product knowledge, food safety, competency development, performance planning, the hiring process and various self improvement programs. My mission is to help people do their jobs better, in order to make companies more efficient and profitable.  I am experienced in adult education.  Also, I am collaborating to create a network of top trainers from various disciplines and geographic centers.
About Bob Longo Consulting       
(Making Learning Possible)   
Helping people do their jobs better, in order to make companies more efficient and profitable.  Collaborating with businesses in all aspects organization development and change management. 
Some Clients of BLC
* ADP - May 2010 - Present – Computer based training instructional design for various service launches
* Union County College - April 2010 - Present – Reinterpreted and delivered the National Retail Federation - Retail Sales and Customer Service course along with a work preparedness program
* Ricoh USA - August 2009 - December 2009 – Designed interactive e-learning content
* Cynergy Data - June 2008 - May 2009 – Developed  and delivered a comprehensive new hire sales training program for the initial launch of an outside sales team related to credit card processing and  worked as a liaison with company’s corporate partners to incorporate their technical and sales training
* EmployME! Program at N.J.I.T. - April 2007 - May 2008 – Trained people with disabilities on software and office practices to help them enter the workforce
* Regulatory Compliance Services - January 2007 - June 2008 – Trained restaurant personnel on food safety, alcohol awareness and sexual harassment 
* Other Client Companies – Passaic Community College, Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, New Horizons, Vista Tours Travel, The Training Associates, Galaxy Glass, Phillips-Van Heusen
Functional Areas of Expertise:

  • Classroom Facilitation
  • Training Needs Analysis and Assessment
  • Instructional Design and Development
  • ROI Reporting 
  • Strategic Project Leadership
  • Leading Cross-Functional Teams
  • Meeting Planning
  • Coaching
  • Adult Education
  • Manual and Support Material Authoring

Training Concentrations:

  • Selling Proficiency
  • Computer Skills
  • Product Knowledge
  • Food Safety
  • Organizational Skills
  • Competency Development
  • Performance Planning
  • Hiring Process

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